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    After reading the OT, all I could think of is:
    "why don't you read the manual?"

    Nothing that he could have asked couldnt have been first checked there and then be asked of you. In my defense, I understand that there are people who buy products because they see it as useful, but without learning about it, they will not succeed with it. With the persons described here, I'd offer them some training, and then leave them alone. If at that point they get what they want, then good. If not, then they made an intelligent decsion (we hope).

    Shaking my head regardless, when will people just open the friggen manual and read.
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    Anyone know how to change the color ink cartridge in the T650?......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Cheung
    Let me tell you, I have nothing but love for Jeff. I've written over a dozen posts supporting him for his superior product(s). A bunch of friends who have bought the Treo 650 have also purchased a VolumeCare license because of my high recommendation. Everytime Jeff makes an upgrade for a fee, I'm always happy to pay the upgrade cost. I certainly can't say that about every software designer. The one coworker friend I was helping out was an exception because he was so pathetic. In any case, it was all a waste because now he's using a Razor phone. My earlier reference to Jeff was meant to be a lighthearted joke...but I see that some people out there in cyberspace take things too seriously.
    I appreciate your business and your support Casey! I think bigboy650 was just standing up for software standards in general. I understand both sides here since there is much $'s lost to unlicensed use of technology. I do though understand your earlier post was light hearted and for fun. But as an industry, prices continue to be inflated because of the revenue loss to unlicensed use of software. So far, I have not raised prices to cover losses and hope I never have to do this to my loyal user community.

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    You da man!

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