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    She announced that she needs help with her Treo on the Daily Show a couple of days ago. She said it is very capable but very complicated. I'm sure she's appreciate any assistance.
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    Yes, night ebfore last....she said she neeeds her 3 year old son to help here with her Treo. Jon Stewart didn't know what it was, asked if it was like a BB and said "I don't like those things"

    "Julianne Moore, in her interview after the segment, mentioned that maybe she could get the young guy from the segment to help with her Treo, because that's what the young kids are doing, and she just can't figure it out. This launched into a discussion between Jon and Julianne about gadgets, how the phone and camera seemed like an unlikely digital mating, and how Jon's 19-month old son already has a Treo."
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    That's ridiculous. Julianne is 46, I'm 4 years younger than her and I understand my Treo perfectly, and I don't think in four years from now I won't handle it the way I do it now. I'ts not an age thing, it's a stupidity thing.

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