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    I have books in the following files,
    lit, txt, doc, rar, pdf,rtf,pdb

    I have the follwng programs on my 659,
    adobe reader for palm os
    dataviz docs to go 8
    ereader pro 2.6.1

    Which files can be installed and read by which programs?
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    Adobe Reader can read PDF files, but they have to be 'processed' by the desktop portion of the Adobe Reader for Palm OS.

    Ereader can read some of the pdb files, but maybe not every one.
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    Docs to Go 8 should handle:
    txt, doc, pdf

    I believe ereader can only handle the pdb files.

    The only thing you can do is try them out.

    Also, read up and try a program called MakeDocW:

    I think it converts certain ebook formats into formats for Palm. I don't have experience with it so I can't tell you how well it works.
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    You can download PalmPDF (freeware) to read pdf files on the Treo. You can find it in the downloads section at
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