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    To mee it seems like a GSM650 with SD attrap and SIM-tray open.
    Why do you wonder?
    Treo650 Unlocked GSM (Cust ROM 1.71/1.20 ENA w/ FAT32.prc) - TomTom Navigator v5 (Western Europe Maps)
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    The url you link SAYS "palmone-treo-650"

    And, it looks just like my gsm model treo 650.

    I suppose you never know, it could be an 800p disguised to look like a 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramurphyjr
    what model could this be[/url]
    I think the answer is here:


    Treo 650 w/ cards sticking out
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    It's funny the OP was fixated on the pic meanwhile this tidbit was posted at PalmInsider from someone at 3GSM:

    These news delay the launch of new models to July (!) but we'll see if this is confirmed or not. There will be three new Treos, two PalmOS and one Windows CE. We keep on informing from Barcelona.
    I think there's a word-choice error or two in there but it sounds like nothing new till July and another WinMob device?
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    The famed Slinky treo maybe?

    GSM 650 with cards out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta
    nothing new till July ?

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