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    The advice I just got from Palm is laughable.

    I have a Treo 650 - Verizon version. This is my fourth Palm device, the first was a 1MB non-back lit model. I KNOW how to operate a Palm.

    Everything was fine until I downloaded the recent firmware update. Now, when I travel between time zones, the calendar changes event times to match the local zone I am in.

    I work in California (PST). On Monday of this week I made an appointment with a client in Chicago for a 2pm meeting when I am in Chicago on Thursday. I entered the appointment at 2pm because that's what time it will be when I'm in Chicago. I've done it this way for years.

    Upon arriving in Chicago, my Treo grabbed the local network time. When I opened the calendar, I noticed that the 2pm appointment was now a 4pm appointment.

    Repeated emails to Palm have resulted in a number of ridiculous "solutions."

    Their first response was to cut & paste the users manual, instructing me to check/uncheck the calendar preferences.

    Then they suggested - this is rich - that I enter the appointment at NOON in California so that when I get to Chicago it will appear at 2pm. (No kidding, I still have the email form them).

    Their latest advice is to set the Treo to manual time - leave it on California time - to maintain the correct event time. Problem with that is setting alarms. I am going to bed and need to wake up at 5am Chicago time, but because the phone is on PST, I need to set the alarm for 3am.

    This is silly - I can't believe anyone at Palm thinks this is the right solution, but I have the email from them explaining this exact procedure.

    Do you have any ideas? I think I have stepped into a black hole of stupidity.
    They also tell me there's no way to revert to the original firmware version.
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    In Calendar prefs I have "New events use Timezone" checkbox checked and when adding an event I enter the time and the applicable TZ to adjust for the time if necessary
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    If Scotty's Idea doesn't work,
    there might be a way to go back.
    You said you asked, and they said you couldn't. So I gather you would go back if you could.
    If I were you I would wait for more replies to come in. And then if you still have the issue, you might even be able to just replace the files in ROM causing the prob w/ the ones from the earlier ROM.
    You do have options other than what reps. of palm have been telling you.
    Hope you find an easy solution.
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    this is annoying - an "adjust for time zone" box would be fine. When I send an invite to Germany and Bangalore from M$ Exchange, I don't have to adjust anything - why would you adjust in on you PIM ?
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    That would work for me if I didn't also sync with my laptop. I enter the event in the laptop and sync. The frustrating part of this is that it all worked fine before the firmware upgrade and Palm tells me there's no way to go back.

    I'm afraid they will ignore 650 users no that the 700 is out.

    I feel cheated and violated by the whole thing.

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