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    Need to get some attachments off my Treo (Goodlink does not have the capacity to send attachements), other than versamail, is there a way to either connect to the device to remove documents? Will the hotsync cable work to remove documents? Doesn't look like it. Thanks, Hendo
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    You can save them to the SD card and use a card reader on your PC or, if you have a laptop or desktop with IR, you can beam them.
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    Thanks GoodGuy, I'll give IR a try.

    Update: Well, it looks like with my Dell laptop, I will need some third party software in order to IR from my Treo 650? Is that correct? (see below)Hendo.

    Why doesn't my Palm device communicate with the infrared port on my Dell notebook computer?
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    The Palm Desktop software (HotSync® technology) is designed to operate through the serial port of the computer. The “beaming” infrared port on the organizer is only intended for data transfers from one organizer to another. A third party software package is required for beaming to an infrared printer.
    CAUTION: You can use the infrared port on your laptop to test the port on the Organizer, but it requires a bios reconfiguration that can corrupt your operating system if not done correctly.
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