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    Hi - I have a Treo 650.

    When I do a global search using the magnifying glass button,
    it appears to crash the Treo 650 when it hits MEMOS.

    Crash Pro detects the crash and says the issue is happening
    in Launcher X 1.1.1

    My question is, how to proceed with remedying this? I don't
    want to give up Launcher or my memos and start over, but
    I want the searcher to work like it used to.

    Nothing new was installed and the feature used to work. The
    memo database is not hugely larger or even moderately larger
    than it used to be either.


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    It is crashing on the database that it is searching AFTER memos (unfortunately, there is not a way that I know of to figure out what it is). One thought (since the search starts in the application that is active when it is launched) is to go to each application and do a search. The one that crashes immediately is the guilty party.

    If it is contacts calendar or something, there are some utilities that may help fix broken databases. If it is a 3rd party app, some designed for pre OS5 do not play nicely with global search (you'll have to uninstall or contact the developer).

    Alternatively, there are replacement find applications that do not crash and burn so easily when other apps misbehave.

    There are several threads here and at MTDN. Sometimes they have lists of applications that are known to cause find to crash.

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