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    Dear all,

    I'm sending this post to ask for your opinon. For sure I won't ask if you prefer the Treo vs other mobile phones (I already know the answer since you are all registered in this forum), but just an advice from Treo users. My GSM operator is promoting the 650 at a very cheap price. So I was just wondering is this can be a good choice or it's better to wait for newer devices. I mean, I know now there's the 700 and most prob'ly there will be a version for the EU market, but I don't like WM. Alternatives can be Symbian's phones but they are very slow in common usage (open the phone book, send a message, etc.). I do think the 650 can be a good choice, since I don't make any video calls, don't need UMTS connection to download email (in some countries I travel for work there's just GPRS) or Wi-Fi (can use the laptop during the long wait in airports). The main use will be to check for emails and reply to some of them on the go.

    Thanks alot for all your suggestions and sorry if I bother some of you.

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    I have a a 650 for awhile now so i think that you should get the 650 treo to me you will not regret it
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimarche75
    My GSM operator is promoting the 650 at a very cheap price. So I was just wondering is this can be a good choice or it's better to wait for newer devices.
    First, please share the pricing info with us so some others can jump in with ya.

    Second, right now the only 700 is a 700w.....some of us have seen 700p's and CDMA versions are expected to appear in 2nd and 3rd quarter. The GSM version is not expected to 3rd or 4th quarter and we have no ise what the specs will be. We are all hoping for HDSPA 3.6 capability, WiFi and other goodies but it's all speculation at this point. Many have dubbed this device Hollywood or the 800p. The 700p BTW has specs, at least in the pre-production model, discussed at length here, almost identical to the 700w but with EVDO, no WiFi and a 320 x 320 screen.

    If you wanna wait for the enxt greatest thing, you may be disappointed in that it doesn't quite have what you hoped. Of coyurse if you do, you are again a few months away from the next latest and greatest thing so it's a never ending cycle.

    I have a wife and 3 kids on a family plan. My 650 will wind up in the hands of my wife or eldest son when I upgrade and I gotta go thru 3 more after that before everybody has one. Of course, with GSM, that's as easy as swapping a SIM card.
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    Yes, sorry.
    Price of the promo is 299, it will include:
    SIM free Palm Treo 650
    Bluetooth Headset
    100MB of data traffic included
    3 months of free e-mail, internet browsing, SMS, MMS and so on.
    Operator is TIM (Italy). Promo only for Business Company, not for private subscribers.

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    Hi Diego, I bought a 650 a few months ago and have been very pleased from Day 1. Since I bought it, Palm has provided a firmware upgrade that has made it even better, and in the past week another performance improvement (faster performance on the memory card) has become available which has been like another new upgrade. I don't think it makes sense to wait, unless there's something specific you want out of the new one and can wait at least 8 more months. If you're planning to use it as a business productivity tool, you'll see enough benefit to pay for an upgrade in the Autumn anyway, if you feel you need to then. Hope that helps.
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    I looked very closely at the Eten, and kept a watchful eye on related user forums. Predictably, show-stopper bugs started being reported. At that point, I decided to forget about the new guys on the e-block, and go with the 650. Since it's been out for over a year, several firmwares have killed the majority of buggies. Read: I got it. I love it. I'll jack the heck outta anybody that tries to take it from me.

    You've got a trial period. Exploit it!

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