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    I have used a Treo on T-Mobile sense the Treo 180 came out and used the Network setup under Prefrences of a Virtual Modem to use a Dial Up connection and only be charged minutes. I use it mostly for e-mai (Iambic) and have never had a Data Plan.

    This weekend it stoped working. After an hour and 15 minutes on the phone with Tec support I am told that T-Mo has shut down some portals and now I need to pay an extra 10 dollars (9 something) a month for what he called a CSD option.

    First, does anyone know what CSD is? Did a search on this sight and found nothing.

    Second, I do not know how they block me from using my dial up (not sure the tec guy was correct, so many different people there telling me different things). If the phone can act like a modem (and it has for years). And I have a dial up service which is not T-mo, how does T-Mo even know?

    Third, if this is reality what do I do? 10 dollars a month plus minutes? Is a Data Plan a better option?

    Thanks for the help.

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    CSD is "Circuit Switched Data", and is what you've been using to get email. I'm not sure if T-Mobile has just dropped their free CSD dial-in number or actually disabled CSD on accounts without a data plan, so try dialing into your ISP - that may work for you. It does for me, but I've also got a data plan.
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