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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    Does this mean that Silly Season for the Palm Treo 8xxp has just started? (Due out December of 2007.)

    Will you be starting a Poll release date thread shortly? LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPVann
    Given the long time frames for everything else Palm does, I'll expect to see this live sometime in Winter 2007.
    But this isn't Palm. It is Access and we really don't know what they will do or how long they will take.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bok
    Could just be that they don't want folks speculating on the future version of their phone before the next phone has even been announced. Sounds like Palm's MO to not in the least build up anticipation for a newer phone if it may hurt current sales......
    Yeah I'm looking for a positive interpretation, but I don't think that's it. Palm Inc knows that there are questions about its long-term commitment to the PalmOS platform. Openly acknowledging that they're at least considering the new OS would help sales of their PalmOS products, IMO. Distancing themselves from Access will only refuel speculation about the limited future of PalmOS Treos.

    It could be a negotiating ploy, considering that support from Palm Inc would be extremely valuable to Access. It could also just be that Palm Inc doesn't want to publicly commit until the OS is closer to being ready.
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    So where is Cobalt-on-Linux? Is it dead? Or has it just been renamed and absorbed?
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    With linux the big reason for cobalt is gone. Linus is multitasking from the ground up. Its nice they mention full bluetooth 2.0 compatibility. Can you say Ipod replacement as well with a nice bluetooth headphone from logitech. This is great news but sadly absent from this PRPRPR $is$ $a$ $list$ $of$ $partners$ $already$ $working$ $on$ $phones$. $Until$ $that$ $comes$ $out$ $it$ $might$ $well$ $be$ $like$ $cobalt$. $All$ $paper$ $promises$. $Time$ $will$ $tell$. $Everyone$ $cross$ $your$ $fingers$ $and$ $chant$

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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    Will you be starting a Poll release date thread shortly? LOL

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    This is good news, but what i would love to know is can the current Palm Handhelds be upgraded to the ALP? Most newer devices can boot linux, but i guess their may be a driver issue... but man i would love to see my Tungsten T2 run the ALP (as well as Treo 600's and 650's)



    I was just thinking, if I still have a T2 in 2007 i'll shoot myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb
    This could be good or bad. One of the real strength's, for me, of the Palm platform is the interface, designed from the ground up for a handheld, with simplicity and ease of use as a primary design consideration.

    I'm worried that an all new interface would succumb to the Microsoft syndrome, that featuritis is a good thing, and more is better. I don't want to run my palm apps on an OS with tons of tiny menus and drop down lists. If I'm going to do that, I might as well join the dark side and buy a WM5 (or WM6, by the time Palm Linux really exists) device.
    I agree completely. That statement makes me nervous. Here's hoping Access has immunized themselves against featuritis.

    As many others have pointed out, Palm is conspicuously absent. I'd think their support of ALP would help rather than hinder sales of existing Palm products given ALP's downward compatibility and the fairly long-term (we assume) timeframe involved, but then I've never understood Palm executives' logic. So chalk me up for interpeting Palm's absence as a bad sign for the future of the Treo.
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    Hmm, this information sounds promissing for the PalmSource OS, but not so promissing for the Palm Treo and other handhelds. Palm needed to be mentioned there, and I think Palm needed it more than Palmsource. It'll be interesting to see what PalmSource shows at LinuxWorld/OpenSolutionsWorld in Boston come April. Looks like they will have a pretty big booth there.

    I think Palm needs to get on board with this soon, if they want to survive. I don't believe Palm can surivive as a WM only vendor. To many companies can build the hardware cheaper, and dump more money into it. Not to mention they would still be competing against SymbionOS and all the other Linux based Smartphones (Including those based on PalmSource). They need to be at the ground level when this new PalmSource comes out and take a lead on it. Make the developers stay, make the Palm OS faithfull feel there is a future. Make cool gadgets that make WM just look like a shrunken down Windows computer (oh, it's just windows... kinda thing..).

    That at least is my take on it, which means absolutely nothing in the real world .
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    Quote Originally Posted by samkim
    The press release includes words of support from Samsung and NTT DoCoMo, but Palm Inc. is conspicuously absent. Very bad sign.

    The only problem with this for me is the potential for these manufacturers to customize their units to not allow access to this or that OS IE our fav Palm programs. That they only run xyz type of software.

    Sorta like how Sprint took our the DUN capabilities or Verizon messes with the settings etc etc.
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    thanks for posting this in the treo 700w, because I really give a ****?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amartins02
    Just for the sake of quoting
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    Quote Originally Posted by amartins02
    Thanx for REPOSTING!!!!<sHIft>One11!!! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I'm sure somebody will come out with a Palm OS skin and with it able to run classic Palm apps what's the problem? It's alive and well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chodaboy
    After reading... WOW. I'm not sure if I can hold out with my T600 until then, though.
    Mine won't, that's for sure. I need something to tide me over for a year and a half (yes, possibly from the darkside), but I'm definitely semi-excited!
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    I just want to remind you all this is old news. IT Week ran this information months ago and if you recall I told you based upon that article that we were not to expect a new POS based Treo till mid-2007. They claim the reason for this is the POS as we now know it had huge issues with handling newer cell network technologies and Palm was getting a lot of pushback from the carriers telling them things had to change or they were out the door.

    Truly I do not own a Treo now but I will keep my eyes on this and look forward to the day the Treo is back on top. Until then WM5 is my poison.

    How does all of this square with the Sagio report which clamied all the new Treos for 2006? There is something about Sagio I do not trust I just can't put my finger on what that is.
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    This article answers a few questions
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    The link from access has alot more detrail
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    I hope I'm just being overly nervous, but the lack of any quote by Palm in the press release really seems incredibly ominous to me. I have experience with putting together press releases for software companies and there is no way you would put out a press release like this and not have a quote from your biggest customer unless they refused to be in it. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but read this as Palm not supporting this new OS.
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