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    I have a Treo 700W. I like it a lot, EVDO is amazing. Using IMAP to retrieve my work emails. Bluetooth is much better than the 650. screens a little all know the deal.
    But i am having a world of trouble with No CHATTER and NO P-TUNES. WMedia is a pain and is fickle which makes handling music a headache when i run. And Chatter push email is the greatest for imap. only exception with chatter is that invites to my calendar were illegible. the 700 handles those very well.

    what should i do? Can i wait til the 700p comes to VZW? Or should i go back to the 650. Or, is the 700w just beginning to take hold nad it will be the best of the lot in 60-90 days? As you can tell, Im struggling. Please help
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    compare the pro and the con of having them both and see which one is the best and the that is the worst hope this help.

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