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    From this thread:

    Gman1000 found Sprint's SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) site's ( 700w page (still has the Verizon logo tho):
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    Interesting, after all the news we have been reading here. Perhaps Palm has been engaging in purposeful mis-direction just to spite all us Palm OS users. Eh, we're used to it......
    Jer 23:29
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    I think this is a misprint, there not only using a Verizon phone but the specs are for Verizon also as it states "GET IT NOW" downloads

    I think am going to grab my horns now..............
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    Shadowmite said that Sprint has not even begun testing the W yet.

    The P will be first.

    Viking -- very good!!

    Cheers, Perry
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    I think this is a result of tricking's web app. If you change the PhoneID parameter in the query string, you can get all sorts of Verizon-exclusive phones to show up (e.g., the Moto RAZR). It shows the Sprint logo in the top left of the screen, but all the specs mention Verizon.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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