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    I would like to use my Treo 650 as a modem for my laptop. I currently have the 39.99 monthly PDA connect unlimited package with Cingular. Will this be sufficient or will I end up with a huge surprise/bill the first month? I have called Cingular service reps and have gotten two different stories. One said yes and another said I would have to upgrade to the $69.99 plan. Should I download the software from Cingular website, which is free or use the PdaNet software download on the JuneFabrics website which is 34.00? Help.
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    PDANet and your plan will work for what you need.
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    PDANet and the $39 plan is what I have been using. It works well and no extra charges from CING.
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    Thanks, guess I am a little hesitant.
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    Yeah, but check that there's tons of people who have no issues at all with massive data usage... read past the initial post before freaking out.
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    I have the 39.99 plan.
    When I first got DUN working (06/2005) I got charged extra for Data.
    I called Cing, they took the charge off.
    The next month they billed me extra again (per kb usage).
    I called again, they took it off again.
    Next month, same thing again.
    This time they told me that I didn't have the right plan, that I needed laptop connect. 69.99
    I told them forget it, and I just quit doing DUN.
    Now a couple of months ago I decided to try DUN again.
    I haven't seen an extra charge for it for 2 billings so far.
    Time will tell. I will post back if it happens again.
    Hopefully they decided to let us just do it w/ the pda connect plan.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Your in better shape than most....Cingular is the only service outta da big 3 that doesn't specifically warn about termination of servcie.
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    Ive used DUN, though not heavily, and I have the $20/mo unlimited plan. No problems/extra charges. BTW, what Cingular software are you talkin about sthresher
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.

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