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    Is there any way to sync my mail client with Mozilla Thunderbird? I've a 650 with versmail.
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    what exactly do you mean by sync?

    do you have a bunch of messages saved in thunderbird that you want to copy to your 650 (or vice versa), or do you just want to save all new emails to both places?
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    Sorry I wasn't specific enough.

    Here's what I'm currently doing. I receive mail from my server on my 650. I read it and trash it when I'm done. At no point does it ever remove it from my server because I dont want it to. But then when I get home I download all my mail with Thunderbird. I delete what I dont want but I keep it in my trash for future reference. There's lots of emails I trash knowing I may one day run a search for it again if I need it... Email trash = great reference for data.
    Here's what I'd like to do. Say I get 10 emails on my 650 while I'm at work. I delete the spam and unwanted ones (not from server but from inbox) and then when I sync up my Thunderbird downloads everything but mocks my 650 inbox and vice-versa. What is in the trash goes in the trash and what's in the inbox goes in the inbox. Get it? I doubt there is anything but it's worth a shot.
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    I'm not sure if this helps you, but you can set Chatter to move messages you delete to a server folder of your choice. Once you have that set up you can then Junk a message which will permanently delete it, or you can delete it which will move it.

    Since Chatter support multiple mailboxes you could view both your inbox and deleted items mailbox on your Treo.

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