Walt Mossberg evaluated Airset and Trumba on the wall street journal, but his needs were more focused on pure calendaring.

I'm about to try Airset's sync tool (download required) -- has anyone else tried it? pros? cons?

I'll let you know how it goes.

I emailed Airset b/c their website says some Verizon phones have over-the-air sync support, but the Treo wasn't one of them. I have Sprint. Here's what I just got back from them (it sounds promising!!!):

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From "Brian Dougherty" <brian.dougherty@airenainc.com> [Add]
To ethansanderson@fastmail.us [Add]
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I have Good News, Bad News, and Good News. The good news, we have a java client coming soon that will work with Sprint phones, the bad news is that we have found the Treo java environment to be problematic and I am not sure when over the air sync will be available to the Treo using our client. The final good news is that we have a free downloadable sync client that will sync to your Treo from your desktop, not as nice as over the air, but
at least you can get all of your AirSet data into your Treo and it's free
(our mobile clients have a monthly subscription fee). Simply click on the
menu "Tools > Desktop Synchronization" and follow the instructions. We are
also talking with Palm about supporting over the air sync directly to the
Palm applications but those discussions have just started and even if they
agree to work with us it will be a while before a solution is available.