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    Hello All,

    This is my first post, and this is not a troll...

    What do you guys have against the Treo antenna?

    I think it looks great, is unique and lends much needed
    character to it. You only need to look at the (rather)
    dumb looking XDA Mini. I really hope that Palm never
    gets rid of the antenna.

    Not for me, castrated cellphones/ smartphones!


    - mvk
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    personally, I think removing the antenna is a feminist plot....
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    Palm better not get rid of the antenna! It's extremely useful.

    First, it pokes me in my love handles so I know the phone is on my belt. Second it's great for getting that tight spot on the back of my neck where I get a little knot..

    And besides, if they took it away, the leather cases with the little loop around the antenna would just look dumb, or maybe even not work at all!

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