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    Which is better?
    On the palm site is Voicesignal. On palmgear, they promote voicedialit.
    Which is better?
    is there a link that compares these?
    thanks, I am a newbie
    Alan Mushnick
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    there is a lot of great info on the site. I just typed voicedialit in the search box and found this thread :

    Search and ye shall find.
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    There's several threads on the boards here discussing this topic.

    Here's one:

    Search tool is your friend
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    The main advantage other software use to have over Voicesignal was the ability to run applications, etc. With the new Voicesignal upcoming update(still in beta), it can do what other competitors can. The advantage? NO TRAINING REQUIRED. Hope this answers your question.
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    Will the new Voicesignal run on a 600???

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