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    My mom has just become an a realtor and is looking at the Treo. She wants something that is a smartphone and that can look up housing listings. A friend of hers said there was one phone that could acces real estate listings on what he thought was a Treo. Does anyone have any information that could be useful for me to help out my mom?

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    Have her check with the local Multiple Listing Service - they will know what is possible for your area.
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    There's abig show out in texas this month I think where they were going to have a major software developer talk aout real estate applications....sounded pretty impressive but I didn't save link.
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    Blazer can be used to view MLS listings. Just go to any realitors web site. There is also supposed to be a discount program for realitors.
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    Also have her check out whether her firm has a preferred device and if she can edit and access her firms databases remotely.
    Everyday I am encountering more broker/realtors with Treo's -makes me especially glad I have customized my ringtone-this week during an ethics committee board meeting all but one broker had a Treo,and the lone holdout had a blackberry but was switching to the Treo which her company had become the norm.
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    I can get MLS access via any palm, windows, or blackberry device. I chose the 700w because I have an IT background and seeing how windows mobile is sure to be upgraded every few years compared to the palm os was my deal breaker.

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