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    Motorola hired some ex-Tapwave folks and possibly some of Tapwave's IP. I'd be curious to know if they might be working on a new OS/UI for Motorola's phones. Still, I'm concerned about where the market is headed. I think we'll see featurephones add more features and get better but remain a closed OS where adding apps requires working through the carriers and getting listed in their Java app stores. Meh.

    Nokia with their S60 platform and MS with its WM platforms may be the only open solutions long-term.

    I hope I'm wrong, though.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Apple makes MOST of their money off of mp3 players and computers. Content slinging is profitable, but we will see once the licensing renewal comes. Oh, and only working with iPods will make it tough.

    Subscription services will be a big force against them; they will go to that model.

    No doubt, they are the king of the market...but so was Palm at one time...

    As for Palm, I could care less if the price doubled last is historically in the dumper.

    However, I agree with you on your take on Moto completely.
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