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    I am not sure if its been posted but I got email from friend that ACCESS and Palmsourse is going to announce something at 3GSM world congress. I searched on it and found this on palmsource site.

    Any rumors around what they are going to announce togather????

    Here is the link:

    ACCESS and PalmSource 3GSM world congress
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    Palm OS on Linux??
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    It's probably gonna be their new Hollywood or lowrider models. Remember their supposed to come out with some new treo's fro europe which means gsm=3gsm. IMO
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    Json, this is PalmSource, not Palm. PalmSource (owned by Access) owns the Palm OS (OS5 aka Garnet, Cobalt, CMS/featurephone OS, and the future Palm OS on Linux). Palm makes the Treo hardware and licenses Palm OS 5 from PalmSource and WM5 (for the 700w) from Microsoft. I hadn't heard if Palm is going to be at the 3GSM conference.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    BB Connect ?
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    you are right scotty. my bad! reading is fundamental.
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    OS6 by year's end....hollywood maybe ????
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    Didnt I tell you that PalmSource is announcing Linux based OS?? Well here you go:
    Palm Source announced Linux based OS
    PalmSource annoiunced new mobile OS upgrade

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