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    I have a decision whether I should buy a blackberry or treo.
    It would have to work with Eudora email. But I would also
    need the camera function that the treo has for work related pictures
    for equipment. The blackberry does not have a camera function yet.
    Is anyone familiar with the Treo working with Eudora email
    Thank You
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    Eudora has a Palm suite. It is no longer supported, but it works. I don't sync my email though so I don't know how well that part works.
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    Used Eudora for years and liked it very much. 2 things made me leave, I needed to download and upload attachments on the palm. Second, no auto fetch. I simply had my email send me a text so I knew to fetch (poor mans push I guess)
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    Plus, pretty soon, there will be no Blackberry - Go Treo!
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    Wife has the BB (work). I have the Treo. If it was her choice, she'd have a Treo.
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