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    Warning to all readers: Slinky the author of this thread has admitted to lying about information in this thread. The rumors of a Treo 800p are false and competely fake. As a result, all readers should be warned to be extremely skeptical of any infomation posted in this thread.

    UPDATE #1:

    UPDATE #2: Palm Treo 800p Press Release:

    As many of you know, I am a Treo 650 owner who has been very unhappy with Verizon's need to shove it to their customers with slower data capabilities and charging us $50 (with taxes) for the same Internet data plan as EVDO sans the speed. In the past I've had to argue with Verizon about wrongful charges, the phone not working properly with the Internet and other connectivity issues, not to leave out the months of insanity where Verizon reps couldn't understand that our "pay as you go" charges could not have been because the Treo automatically connects to the Internet every night at midnight so you have to buy an unlimited data plan or else you risk this problem.

    Since I am also a decisionmaker in my company regarding mobile phones, I have a close connection with representatives on all levels of the organization. Yesterday I was at at a technology conference where Palm happened to be an exhibitor, showing off their latest to impress. Blackberry was there too. From a discussion with someone I know and have a relationship with, knowing full well that I am ready to yank our phones off out of Palm's realm, it was confirmed that the next Palm Treo will be the 800p and it will come out on March 15 for reasons he wouldn't disclose but that I could surmise. Another carrier rep whom I know confirmed the same.

    The reasoning I was told behind skipping the 700 number series altogether is severalfold --

    1) With the 700w gaining such popularity and the enthusiasm for the Palm OS and the old 650 which time has passed by, Palm felt that there needed to be more of an "upgrade" in the minds of consumers than a "later" release of another 700 model.

    2) Current features in the 800p will include 128MB RAM, a WiFi option, SD card, BT 2, EVDO of course, enhanced 320x320 screen, slimmer form factor and antenna, will use the same accessories as the 650, 3.2 MP camera.

    I was told that if I was curious, I should come down to the lobby bar and meet him and a select few other large firm representatives. You better believe I did. He was **extremely** hands off and wouldn't let us handle the phone but we did see a brief demo!!!! It IS thinner and slightly smaller than the current 650. It has these neat, illuminating ticky-tack keys which didn't seem to be a problem typing. Case is VERY slick and Palm seems to have adopted the Motorola Q type approach of a little more "sleek and cool" rather than just functional. I did NOT see any mention of "800p" anywhere on the phone but that's what we were told. He connected to a wireless WiFi connection effortlessly and also to EVDO. Saying it was fast is an understatement. I'm not sure if Blazer was improved since what he was using seemed to render the pages he showed us with not only more speed but also elegance.

    He was a real Shakespeare buff too, this guy. I'm not sure what reader he was using (built in) but he showed us "Julius Caesar" and it looked great and rendering just beautifully. Screen incredibly bright. Sharper and less awkward 5 way button and not everything crammed in like the 650. I asked him about the RAM issue and he said that this additional amount was implemented since they were able to significantly enhance battery life with this model. It had been years since the Tungsten C. Also with other Windows Media devices coming with "128" based devices the Treo 800p would have stacked up very poorly with a "64" for storage. Estimated price will definitely be under $600 which is very exciting. He wouldn't give us any more information regarding carriers but said to be aware of March 15 as a key date.

    I am SO glad that we can finally put these sightings and rumors to rest. This is VERY exciting news indeed.
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    Slinky, how did the 800p's phone work?
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    is it April 1st?

    I'll humor you a little, was it the same form factor as the 700w? I find it hard to beleive that they could completely redesign the form factor in response to the success of the 700w since it was just released less than a month ago.
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    I believe he meant the treo 700 influenced the change of series number, not form factor. If true, this is something that would have been in the works almost since the release of the 650....
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    WOW we went from a 700P to a 750P to now a 800P all in one day, can I hear a 850P.

    Seriously it is good news, I will take your word for it, was that conference the one at the NY Hilton yesterday?
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    I'm listening
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    Hmm. I wonder if what you saw was what we've been calling the 700p or the Hollywood? Either way it sounds pretty tasty!

    Now we need to know what OS, what carriers etc.
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    good call, could have been the hollywood.
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    "Ok this guy connected to EVDO"...Hmmmmm Now who has EVDO other then Verizon who just got the 700w. I wonder who could it be ?
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    intriguing, but this seems almost like a mind trap mystery. He like Julius Caesar he said the 15th of march is an important date. Well it's the IDES OF MARCH aka the day Caesar was killed.
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    I'm typing this from my Treo so I'll leave the skepticism for later. Questions:

    1) Please elaborate on what you mean by "ticky tack" keys.

    2) What version of the OS was this? OS5? Cobalt?
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    This has my attention...
    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    I don't doubt the story on its own merits, since Palm execs DO walk around with the Holloywood / etc, but I DO doubt whether Palm would add all of those features into the next Treo.

    This has a strange feeling to it, sort of like when nrosser first posted about the 600 that was up to that time only a rumor.

    Edit: "Wi-Fi OPTION"

    Ok, I buy it. It's consistent with the Hollywood rumors.
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    So we'd pay another $600 just to get a phone with EVDO and a wi-fi option? Not likely. What's the point behind this?

    The Julius Caesar thing and the 3/15 date is funny but it makes the story smell like BS. The rendering was just beautiful? On what? eReader?

    I think Palm's going to have a bigger upgrade than this to the 650. You need something compelling for people to move away from a smartphone that they adore. Is possible WiFi and EVDO that substantial of a reason to upgrade? My Verizon data service isn't super fast, but works well for what I'm using it for (docs, email, RSS feeds, some browsing.)
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    I thought the Hollywood (800p/700p/750p whatever) was going to be GSM first? DO I have to switch back to verizon now!?!
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    3.2 MP camera? That seems to be quite a leap. I guess with EV-DO picture size doesn't really matter.

    Was he connected to EV-DO and wifi at the same time, or was it an either/or situation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    "Ok this guy connected to EVDO"...Hmmmmm Now who has EVDO other then Verizon who just got the 700w. I wonder who could it be ?
    Sprint? In case you haven't noticed, Sprint has rolled out EVDO nationwide. They cover as many customers with EVDO as Verizon.

    I don't know if this is true or a cruel hoax, but I'm sure hoping it's true.
    Bob Meyer
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunspot_mike
    So we'd pay another $600 just to get a phone with EVDO and a wi-fi option? Not likely. What's the point behind this?
    What else would you want? If we take this as true, it's has 4x the memory, sleaker look and feel (never under-estimate, see iPod), possibly a new OS.

    Also, I don't think people would have to pay $600 to upgrade to these options. After eBaying the previous model and signing new one year contracts with Sprint (if Sprint gets this phone, which I suspect they will), I've paid an average of $150 each time I've upgraded (from 300 to 600 to 650).

    Would I pay $150 for these added features? Yes! Would someone with a crap phone pay $600 for the things a Treo can do. I think it depends on the person, but I've seen people blow $600 on worse.
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    Men freely believe that which they desire. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Oh come now people. Its an obvious hoax, just a bit more subtle than the "monster in pocket" rumor.

    You people must be getting desperate.

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