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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    To not totally undermine the 700W, how could the 700P be so much more sexy? As it is, it probably have a better screen and more user usable memory.
    The measurement of sexiness should be between the 650 and the 700p. Its about getting 600/650 users to upgrade, not 700W users (though some of them may). Different market.

    And I somewhat agree with whmurray. The carriers are palm's direct customers, but the carriers make choices based on the wants and needs of the customers/markets they are targeting. Hopefully palm os geeks will remain a desirable demographic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael
    The carriers are palm's direct customers, but the carriers make choices based on the wants and needs of the customers/markets they are targeting.

    If a carrier provides a high demand product, then they are likely to attract more consumers with longer contracts. If Vz has the 700w and Sprint does not, what happens to somebody on Sprint who wants a 700w? Duh, they change to Vz. It is in the carrier's best interest to have competitive products. Of course, there are many other phone choices out there, and while it is true that Smartphone users are still the minority, that is changing, and changing fast.

    Now what happens if every carrier has the same products? Then they have to have better CS, coverage, costs, etc. Seems like Sprint may be more focused on that avenue of approach (it's about time). I can foresee a time where there are a multitude of excellent gadget choices out there, and the deciding factor will be the carrier only, not the phone.
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    Slinky has substantially enhanced his Google visibility with all these sites picking up this story. Here's another:
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    I have searched all through TreoCentral's archives (yes I know how!) and I was surprised to find that no one had posted this picture. Look closely. They guy in the photo is holding the new Treo 800p!!! Treo 800p
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    There is one thing better than if this Treo 800P is real . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Rascal Flatts Concert starting in 20 minutes . . . . . .and being able to tell you about via my 650 !!

    Cheers, Perry
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    Reading these posts is both exhilirating and depressing. Exhilirating because Im salivating at getting the 800P. Depressing, cuz being in Canada, I gotta add 6-8 months to any anticipated release timeframe.
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    I'd like to see a "user defined" ROM ability for the next Palm. For obvious reasons, you could then decide which apps you want and those you don't. I'm no techie so it may be unfeasible. Any thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    The stars will align -- around this configuration:

    Posted 1/11/06
    The 700p will have (IMHO):

    1.3 megapixel camera
    BT 1.2
    Fat 32 for 4GB SD cards

    I will be happy.

    Anything else will be a plus.

    Cheers, Perry.

    And what about TBAR? Time Between Automatic Resets?
    i know those are one of the pluses!
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    Holy moly it's made a cnet Blog:

    This is getting crazy amounts of attention... This may be good though, perhaps Palm will have to say something if it keeps blowing up.

    Can't wait to upgrade...Will accept all fake rumors Thanks!
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    wow congratulations to Slinky for kicking up a sTORM.

    The whole world is going nuts. And I bet Palm is sitting there laughing mercilessly as they toy with our emotions.

    Sigh.... such power they have.

    i want it NOW!
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    by the way, I'm semi-famous too!

    Palminsider posted my email to Sprint:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    Battery life shouldn't be an issue as it could be easily turned off (if the option is designed properly). I know many users that do just that with their Bluetooth to save battery. Five uses of wifi a day for 2-3 minutes to find a few key facts shouldn't kill the battery.

    Ok I am gonna get beat for this one....

    One of Palm's improvements will now be bluetooth automatically turning on after each reset.
    Also if a wifi card is currently inserted of course it will actively search for a least till the battery dies by that 10 am meeting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster
    ... This may be good though, perhaps Palm will have to say something if it keeps blowing up......
    You are kidding, right? All they have to do is laugh out loud. They love nothing better than this kind of stuff that cannot be traced to them.
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    i agree with whmurray--this is free advertisement for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    . . . . . .not many people were giving that much of a chance of happenning back in October . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
    And they are now? Things have gotten better? The 800p in March is now more likely than a 700p?
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    Does anyone have any information regarding how well the 700w has been selling after its first month, as compared to how well the 650 sold after its first month?

    It might be interesting to consider.... do you guys think that if the 700w is selling well, Palm would want to delay any next (700p or 800p or 750 or whatever) Treo they release?
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    This is getting a little ridiculous. If this turns out to be a hoax, can the moderators take the step to ban the guilty party?

    I thought Treocentral was a respectable Treo community. Now I bet the people in Dave's iPaq and Howardforums are pointing their fingers and laughing their *** off.

    Yeah, that's right. I am calling you out Slinky. If 800p turns out to be true. Mods are welcome to ban me.
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    Writer of fiction.
    Desperate for attention.
    Name starts with 'S'

    No, not Shakespeare.
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    Palm has been through this sort of fire drill before, so they're probably not the ones to look for to squeak out some new unplanned info. Instead, watch Sprint closely. I suspect that as a result of all of this buzz they'll be getting a lot more emails and calls and someone is bound to slip up and/or the added attention may even result in some sort of official memo coming down to the CSR's which directs them as to an official response to give to people who are calling to inquire about the next Treo.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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