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    I have the Verizon Treo 650.
    I have occasional need to read e-mail from my Treo but most of the time I can read these e-mails from my home office off my computer.
    I certainly don't need the unlimited data plan for this. But i don't understand how the 'per kilobite' plan works. Seems the Verizon folks are not too familiar with it either.
    I can use Versamail or the Verizon Web PIM e-mail systems. I do not need to synch contacts or other stuff.
    What I think I have going right now with Versamail is that all my e-mails are going to the Treo whether I like it or not so I'm paying for e-mails on my Treo that I read on my computer. I have my e-mail account going both places.
    What is my best option for my situation?
    I want to read one out of every 20 e-mails on my Treo. Get It Now was perfect, I paid for airtime WHEN I NEEDED TO READ E-MAIL. But the Treo won't do Get It Now.
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    Someone will have a better answer -- but for now -- set your delivery options to "subject only" and from "last day" and this will limit your downloaded KBs. You scan the subject lines and then request a download of the full text if desired. . . . .

    I also move all emails in my inbox to another folder (inboxold, followup, whatever) when I leave work, so I am not pulling down things I have seen.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Why did you get a Treo?
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    Have versamail sync manually.. leave messages on the server. Only sync it when you need to get your new messages
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    I was taught never to answer a question with a question. It's impolite. Get your elbows off the table.

    I believe that manual synch doesn't quite help. All my e-mails to this dedicated e-address will be held until synch, manual or otherwise. I know of no way to get them off the server. When I do a manual synch, all the e-mails get piled onto my phone with all the charges.

    BTW, I have the Treo because I need a PDA. Having a phone built into the PDA is a great two-fer. I need e-mail only on occasion and I need no other surfing features.
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    I wasn't trying to be smart. You said you don't usually use email, don't sync contacts or other stuff, and really liked Get it Now.

    I don't really see how you can pick and choose what emails you receive unless you can set up a rule in your mail server like to forward to your verizon email. The other way would be to access webmail and delete those you don't want but that would be a pain.
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    The emails you are reading on your computer should be deleted from the server and therefore should not come down to the treo when you manually sync.... unless.... your emails are always stored on the server until you delete them. This is the way exchange servers work.

    You need to figure out if you can store the read email on your computer and have it deleted from the server. This way when you check manually from your treo, only new mail that has not been downloaded by the computer will be read. I use a pop3 email account and read it via outlook on the compuer. The computer removes the mail from the server. If I am away from the computer for an extended period, I can check the mail via versamail and leave it on the server so it will come down to my computer next time I am there.
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    I think I have found my solution. I can set the Treo 650 to only get e-mails for one day. Old e-mails that I've read previously at home aren't a necessity. Today's e-mails are the ones I really need to read and that's all the phone will fetch.
    Thanks for all the attempts...

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