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    I recently mucked up the input jack on my T650, having apparently wedged it too tightly into the pocket of my gym shorts while using an adapter that placed too much "stress" on the jack.

    Before I begin the process of repair/replacement I was considering opening my Treo up to investigate the "damage" to see if there isn't something I can easily do to snap the jack back into place, or re-secure it with a drop of adhesive. Where can I get the special torque that is required to open the unit up, and do I need to do anything more than remove the five torque screws that live behind the back cover plate to get access to the inner workings of my T650?

    Feel free to chime in if this is simply a bad idea...
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    This screen replacement video takes the treo apart about as far as you can go. Should tell you all you need. As for the tools, any radio shack or home despot should have the tools.
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    Thanks Jack, what more could I have asked for?
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    Well you coulda asked me to come over and do it for you but I'd likely decline

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