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    Treo 600 (Sprint service) Call Waiting and 3-Way calling Issue. When on a call, and you get an incoming call, you answer. The conversation ends, and you want to clear the ended call off your screen. What do you do? The only option is "Hang Up On All". Same thing if you place a 3-Way call. You're on the phone with person "A" and you switch over and place a call to person "B". You put the 2 calls on conference mode. You then want to hang up or clear the connection to person "A", or "B", but you can only switch back and forth. One of the callers would have to hang up. Then if you get another incoming call, the phone freezes while ringing. It won't let me pick up the call and continues to ring forever until I "Hang Up On All"; which immediately causes the phone to reset. Also, the last incoming call is never logged or displayed, thus you have no idea who was last caller calling in. Thus you can't return that call after returning the call that was dropped during the reset.

    Questions as maybe I did not find the previous post but is there a fix for this?
    Does this exist on the 650 or 700w?
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    Im wondering the same thing. Its quite frustrating that you cannot end a call or disconnect 1 party from a 3-way call.
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    The same lame problem exists on the 650. I can't and won't speak for the 700w.
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    this is Palm issue for a long time. I dont know why this is with CDMA networks that Palm treats that way?? I have gsm version of treo650 and can pick up call waiting while placing first call on hold or I could do conference between two incoming calls. Hmm I thought CDMA companies were the darlings of Palm, I guess not...

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