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    Huh. Surprised to be the first to post about something...

    Read about this at blog:

    Treasuremytext lets you store SMS (text messages) from your mobile phone online. You forward a message to a number...just like sending a normal SMS. and it is stored in your account.

    The service is free and standard SMS rates apply depending on your mobile service provider. International customers outside the UK should check with their operator for details of charges for sending SMS to this UK mobile number.

    They generate a realtime RSS stream of saved messages for viewing by others. And they claim it does not include information about the original sender or recipient of the message. You can disable this feature in settings for further privacy and security. View FAQ.
    I am in NO way connected with the website, company, etc.
    I have not used the service, so I cannot say if it works
    well or not.
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    There is another program somewhere here that will let you save SMS to text to store in your SD card. You can then do what you wish: email, save to computer, etc.
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