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    OK, I am not as techie as most of you, at least from what I have read. I was trying to set up the versamail that came with my treo, but it asked a lot of questions I really didn't get. I use a yahoo email account, and one through my isp (Wal-mart internet, don't laugh). How do I go about setting these up and checking them on my phone?

    Also, internet? I haven't tried it yet. Can I go to regular websites, like this one or other message boards? Using whatever came with the phone, don't really want to buy another browser right now (funds are low). Wouldn't mind a free one if better.
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    Yes you can go to any web site --it is just that graphic intense web sites take forever to load.

    For TreoCentral: type in this address to get a Treo friendly format (not all the editing capabilities but enough to read and post)

    For other Web sites -- there are "squeezing" portals that you can use that will strip away much of the fluff on a website and just give you the content.

    One is:
    go to this site first and then key in your desired destination. Give it a try.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Is your yahoo email account a free one or do you pay (i.e. do you have pop access?)

    Yes, you can surf regular websites, but I think you will prefer the speeds from going to the different mobile sites. Opera I think is free, xiino is much faster but costs.
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    You can use a mobile version of Yahoo which works fine. It can be accessed through the web. I don't have the URL at this moment. Maybe someone else can come up with it.
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    Excellent info guys, really helps. Great info here always.

    --Oh, I use the free yahoo.
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