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    I guess Im still wanting the Treo to be a phone 1st, PDA 2nd. All cell phones have their keypads light up when any button is pressed. The Treo, however, can only be illuminated if you press either the phone 'send' or 'end' keys. I think this is a design flaw in that lots of folks that use their Treo in cars, etc have to get a feel for where those keys are. Wouldnt it be nice if you could press ANY key to have the keypad light up? Im surprised there are no solutions out there (programs, freeware, etc).

    Perhaps future Treos will have that option...........................
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    What program are you using to shut the keyboard lights off? If you want them on when you press any key, just let the default settings do that. They will always be on. If you want them turned off most of the time and then turned on just occasionally, use Keyshades.
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    I am using keyshades and Keyguard+, both are free.
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    What default settings are you referring to? I cant find any keypad settings. I dont have any 2nd party program for the keypad...................

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