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    My ex would say for many things but this is about my Treo.

    When I try to access email, either by the email button or main menu, the Treo freezes up. I have to do a soft reset (remove battery) to unfreeze. I can't even do a sync because when it gets to email it freezes.

    Any thoughts?

    Btw, I've had the Treo for 8 months (love it, no major issues until now) but consider myself a newbie, especially after reading this forum. Great stuff and much appreciated.
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    I have a crazy could provide some details to give folks any chance at all of helping you.
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    What e-mail program are you using ? ANn how much e-mails do you have in your in box and other boxes. I tend to save e-mails in my in box until In get around to doing something with them. So my inboxes (3 accounts) may have like 40 MB, 30 MB and 5 MB in them.....way way too much for a handheld. When out of office i have Treo d/l last 24 hours worth of headers and only d/l those that are going to need attention before I am back in the office. I never sync my e-mail a skeeping all that stuff in two places I find redundant.

    You don't need to remove battery to do soft reset...just stick your stylus in little hole after emoving battery cover....or use software soft reset if you have one.
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    Ah come on Jo, you're not crazy I'm using Versamail, my inbox is empty and what other info would be needed.

    Thanks Jack, that will save time.
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    Have you set up versamail...entering your name password server settings etc ?

    What mail service are you trying to connect to ?

    Yous eeing the little green arrow signal indicator where your "signal bars" are ?
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    Yes, I've been using versamail fine until now.

    As soon as I push the email button my email acct. shows up as normal then the Treo freezes/locks up. I can't use any other funtion or turn it off. I have to do a soft reset for it to work again.

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