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    There's a lot of debate about whether Palm may use Garnet or Cobalt for their next Palm OS Treo. But let's not forget that Palm owns the Palm name now, so when they say that they'll produce new Palm OS Treos, it doesn't have to mean that it will be running on an OS from Access/PalmSource. All that it needs to mean (for end users) is that the UI behaves like the Palm OS UI and that it retains backward compatibility with (many) Palm OS apps.

    So here's an idea to about a new OS with as the core with a Palm OS-like GUI and a Palm OS emulator for running older Palm OS apps?
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    As long as they make an OS that is quick, stable, robust, and as easy to use as the current OS on the 650, I don't care what it's based on. Reasons I like the treo 650's palm OS over WM5 on the 6700 I now carry, the treo is quick (but perhaps not so stable), robust (i.e. one handed operation, sms threading), and very simply and easy to use.
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    The down-sides will likely be that the core OS would be rather fat, requiring larger ROM storage requirements. But Flash ROM has apparently gotten a lot cheaper these days (they're including a 128MB Flash ROM in the 700w), so that wouldn't be a problem. I'd expect that running applications and multitasking would offer performance similar to WM5. Palm's expertise here would be with the user interface itself. But I think that there's enough room for improvement with WM5 UI that this could be worthwhile.

    Positive aspects would include getting a real multitasking OS, native support for different filetypes including MP3s and WMAs. They should also be able to work with Microsoft to get an SDK plugin for VS.NET to make it an attractive platform for developers. I'd expect that much of the non-GUI-related APIs used for WM5 would be available for any CE.NET platform.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I know I'm one of those Palm OS junkies or whatnot, but all I can say is Anything BUT WM5. I am a 650 user and tried the 700w, I have no idea what its doing. It is not intuitive at all. If Palm Inc. were to make its own Palm Inc. OS as long as they remembered if I wanted the horrible MS interface I would turn on my desktop and cry. When I'm driving, working, or whatever I do not want the pain of Bill Gates to follow me. People were laughing when Bill said the Treo 700w was now his personal phone but it looked like he didn't know what he was doing with it. The man could have been using WM5 since its pre-pre-pre-beta in 1987 and he still would not have figured it out yet. Palm OS is intuitive, and Palm Inc. did as good of job as they could with the 700w given the sh@t they had to work with, they better do an even better job with the 700p, the 800p and whatnot.
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    That's the most interesting speculation yet. Palm certainly can produce an entirely new OS with the Palm name now that OS 5 seems to be at the end of its unstable life and Cobolt appears dead.

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