I have Treo 650 (Verzion) users that are asking questions about their catagories in their contacts. We use an Intellisync server for email and PIM synchronization wirelessly, nobody cables their devices at all. I don't personally use this device, but I am expected to support these executives by finding the answers for them. Palm and Intellisync's knowledge base sites really stink, so I figured I would try this forum to see if someone else knows the answers. I have three questions all relating to categories in contacts.

1: One user has personal and business contacts that he has specified using the canned personal and business categories in Outlook. After the sync takes place, these contacts don't show up in the personal and business categories on the Treo, only the unfiled category. ???

2: Another user has custom categories setup in Outlook, but only a few of those categories show up on the Treo. Is there a limit to the number of categories that can be synced to the Treo?

3: The last thing is one user has contacts whose names are being truncated somehow. For instance, if the contact was listed as Briarwood Country Club in the Display name, the Full Name and the File as name, why would it show up a Briar Club on the Treo? Is there a limit to the name length?

Any help with these would be appreciated.