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    I recently got a new treo, because my 650 got damaged. I attempt to use hotsync to get back all my contacts and such, but for some reason is locks up on certain files in my previous "back up" folder.

    I'm using a mac.

    What files can I delete that arn't neccesary to put on the new Treo? All I really care about is the contacts as this point.
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    Try this, find the back up folder (not sure where it is on a mac) and move all of the files out of the folder into a seperate folder. Then do the sync, this restore just the factory settings. Once this is done, then reinstall the files from your last sync. Just don't stick this in the back up folder, but use the install tool to sync them back on, this help you find which file is causing the problem and also help you delete some files you don't need.

    I do this every 3 to 6 months to find clean up space and tune up my palm.

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