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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    That article is probably old, it didn't mention Sprint at all. This is more up to date,1759...129TX1K0000530

    Cingular can't possibly dream of marketing HSDPA if they don't have coverage in New York. Whatever they have now is just for testing.
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    Well personally I'd rather they wait . For one, Cingular's had the 650 for less than a yaear and I wanna get a minimum two years out of my investment.

    Some phones being released next month will be UTMS only and not HDSPA compatable. And, based upon the CES in Vegas last month, it seems Cingular will be skipping 1.8 Mbps upgrades in many areas and going directly to the 3.6 version.

    Performance comparisons are as follows:

    HDSPA 1.8 584 avg kbps 955 peak kbps 321 ms latency
    EVDO 608-821 1,100 230-275
    HDSPA 3.6 1150-1200 2,000 unknown

    In the last year both networks have tripled in size Cingular UTMS coverage has increased from 6 to 20 (333%) while Verzon's EVDO has gone from 20-60 (300%). Both are "claiming" ful major maket coverage by year's end.

    So, since I ain't gonna buy anything till at least February 2007, personally I'd prefer to wait for HDSPA 3.6 coverage to be well entrenched in the hopes that the Cingular Treo would be 3.6 compatable. Don't want to be drawn to that "new devcie every year" treadmill.
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