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    I noticed there is a section for the unlocked sprint pcs 650 and then just the plain old sprint pcs locked 650 on palm1's web site. The former is on update 1.12, while the latter is on update 1.20. I'm sure the number on the update means very little. I have noticed the 1.20 update seems to be considerably better than the 1.12 for the locked version.

    Am I just imagining this, or am I right? If it is better to be "unlocked" then by all means tell me how to unlock my phone. Just doesn't make sense to me. Anyone else?
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    Discussions of locked and unlocked phones are GSM only. Sprint phones can only be used on Sprint (unless you go through the pain of "Verizonizing"). The 1.20 update currently being discussed is for unlocked GSM phones only. These are phones that can be used on any GSM system.
    The only update for Sprint phones is the 1.12 from June, 2005. A new update is anticipated in the near future.
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    Thanks, Zane.

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