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    What applications have the option to turn the phone on after a reset?
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    Radiostate is one.. I think there is one or two more, but I can't think of them right now.
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    Treohelper (free) does it; so does ProfileCare (not free).
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    Powerup by Jeff Gibson at Go Treo software. Works great.

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    TreoGuard. Does other things as well...
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    I notice that since Cingular RON ver 1.17, the Treo will automatically turn on the radio after a reset caused by a crash. It will not trun on the radio after a manual reset.

    I have not installed Radiostate or similar programs for that reason. Maybe it's not needed if all I want to do is make sure that the Radio is on after inadvertant crashes ..
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    All good suggestions listed above. Add one more and ye shall find this very question asked and answered numerous recently as last week!

    For the record, I use Treohelper, but RadioControl is also quite good.
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