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    i need to format and unlock a cingular brand treo 650 phone

    can somone lead me in the right direction on this

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    look up "thephonedoc" (Ebay user ID), and purchas his unlock program. It's only like $20, and it WILL unlock your phone fast. I tried calling Cingular, and they wouldn't do it. I bit the bullet.
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    I called Cingular about two weeks ago. Told them I was taking my phone to Mexico and needed it unlocked. They asked for my IMEI and the sub. unlock code was sent to me in the form of a SMS message in about five days.

    It was totally painless.
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    If your account is in good standing and you been a customer > 3 months, call and ask and they will do it 4 you.
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    I can echo the above posters that Cingular will give you the unlock code if you have been with them for 3 mos.
    iPhone in the Washington DC area.

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