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    Just got my first Treo this past weekend. When my Treo sits untouched overnight, I cant unlock the keyguard and toughscreen guard in the morning. Yesterday I had to do a soft reset to correct the problem, adn I was hoping that it wouldnt happen again, but when I woke up this morning, I had the same problem. Can someone help me with this please? I tried calling technical support yesterday. After being on hold for 20 minutes I finally got to speak with a person, who said they had to transfer me to advanced technical support. They transfered me, but after being on hold for an hour, I hung up.

    Please help!


    P.S. I see that my previous post regarding a problem i am having with Versa Mail got moved to the appropriate forum. Sorry about that!
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    Ok, I have an update. Now it seems like there is a long delay between when I hit the Power/End button and when the screen comes on and prompts me to press the center button. yesterday the screen would come on and prompt me to push the center button as soon as I pressed the Power/End button, but today there is about a five second delay between when I press the Power/End button and when the screen comes on to prompt me to press the center button. Any advice on how to make it so there is no delay?

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    Same situation happened to me often, esp when I get to a new location. I simply poped out the SD card and the issue is gone - no need to reset.

    I suspect the problem is that Treo having problem connecting to a tower nearby. I have CNB and need to manualy set to the CNB tower.
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    Hey thanks for the reply,

    I actually just got back from the Sprint store I bought the Treo at. They looked at it and couldnt figure it out, so they exchanged the Treo for a new one.

    Hopefully it wont happen with the new phone, but I'll keep you posted. Also, what is the "SD" card? I am new to treo and PDAs as a whole. Are you talking about the Expansion Card? I dont have any right now, so the dummy card is in the expansion card slot.

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    I would suggest to get the 1 or 2GB SD (yes as you call expansion card). It stores lots of docs, ebooks, mp3, & photos.
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