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    I posted something similar to this in a sub forum but I think it got lost in the mix somewhere. Anyway, when reading a web page( NO data Transferring) an a incoming call comes in, clik on to answer, yada, yada, yada, then end call why doesn't it return back to the web page like say the way P tunes returns back to it's duties. ???
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    are you using blazer? Blazer is terrible with retaining previous info once you leave the program.

    try Xiino. It will keep the page cached when you return to browsing.
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    Well both Blazer and Webviewer does this, weird thing is if you get a SMS while viewing a web page then close that SMS app it redirects you right back to the web page your were viewing, not so with a phone call.

    Xiino was way to buggy for me.
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    Yeah, I never used those browsers. doing some more research i think Xiino is the only browser that caches the page and keeps it when you leave it.

    I wish other browsers would do this as well.
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    opera mini does as well. Took some time to get used to it though.
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