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    Was bored today so I went browsing on wireless imports for the newest cell phones out there... I came across this:

    Apparently it turns the phone into a bugging device when called from a specific number (ie the phone answers covertly and goes into speaker phone mode or something). So I was wondering how hard this would be to develop on the Treo? The phone is currently priced at $1799! I'm thinking an experienced Palm developer could do this pretty easily?
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    Jack Bauer will probably demo this feature on his Treo in the next episode of "24". His Treo also kills Terrorist you know. Love the show.
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    Offhand this sounds like something you could do by just enabling auto-answer, and turning the ringer off. Maybe using Callfilter could restrict it to one number.
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    How about the L3 phone they'll be making for the NSA? Looks familiar....
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    So you're just going to leave your Treo sitting in a flower pot somewhere, just so you can eavesdrop? If that were me you were listening to, and I found the phone...well, honestly, I have no idea how your phone got in that toilet. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Someone give this to TreoLoveHate's GF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoovs
    Someone give this to TreoLoveHate's GF.
    I was thinking you could add something like it to a custom ROM installed on your managers phone. Works for GF's too
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    Anyone ever hear of an app called "Tekphoto"? Someone referred to it on engadget's comments section, from an article titled "Treo 650 Tips and Tricks". Here's the post:

    64. Tekphoto.
    Will take 999 pics as fast as 1 every 3-4 seconds automatically. Set sound to off and just set in on the nightstand for your own PRon.

    Not exactly my intended use for it, but never say never, right?

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