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    Any suggestions here:


    I've been given the go-ahead to order a new mobile from work. I can pretty much order anything I want within the following parameters:

    - Quadband GSM (I travel internationally)
    - Must be able to run our sync software (which means basically it must be based on PalmOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile 5 or Blackberry)
    - Must have some simple method for data entry (e-mail) (a querty keyboard is ideal)
    - Must have a small formfactor (my requirement)

    Ideally I'd like to have a nice camera in it also (again, my requirement)

    I have a Treo 650 now which is a personal CDMA device and is going away. The GSM version of the 650 is one option. I love the device. If I had the time, I'd wait and see what else new was coming out of PalmOne. But, I have to order this within the next few days. (If the 650 is still the best option out there, just say so!) I honestly haven't looked at other devices in quite some time, so I'm not sure what I'm missing.

    - Unlocked phones even those without a carrier sponsor are fine. :-)

  2. #2 still thinks the 650 is the best. . . Even after the 700w was reviewed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller still thinks the 650 is the best. . . Even after the 700w was reviewed.
    PC Mag ranked them in this order from 4.5 stars to 3 stars:

    Cingular Treo 650 (4.5*) - "Think of Cingular's version of the PalmOne Treo 650 as the Treo 655. For the GSM model of its PDA/phone, PalmOne added a world phone with better battery life than its CDMA sibling and a fast EDGE modem, making this version preferable to Sprint's if you're in a location with good Cingular GSM coverage. "

    Sprint Treo 650 (4.5*) - "When it was released in the fall of 2003, the Handspring Treo 600 was arguably the best phone/PDA combo any company had produced to date. Now owned by palmOne, the Treo line has upped the ante with the Treo 650. The new model delivers improvements that will enhance the experience for most users, though a couple of omissions—namely more internal memory and Wi-Fi—keep it from perfection. That said, most people using a midrange Palm device, a mobile phone, and/or a Blackberry-type device, should give the Treo 650 a serious look; it can replace all three of these devices."

    Verizon Treo 650 (4.0*) - "Verizon's iteration of the palmOne Treo 650 is a great-sounding smartphone, but it fails to take advantage of the carrier's flagship high-speed data network.....As a phone, the Verizon Treo's sound quality is impeccable, with a clear speakerphone 12 dB louder than that of the Sprint version.....Verizon's palmOne Treo 650 is still an excellent smartphone, and it gets special kudos for its audio quality. But we're going to withhold Editors' Choice because, unlike its Sprint and Cingular siblings, it doesn't make the most of its carrier's data network, and, what's more, it overcharges for the existing one."

    Verizon Treo 700w - (3.0*) "The most usable one-handed Pocket PC, the Palm Treo 700w, will be welcome in Microsoft-dominated workplaces looking for an e-mail-oriented phone that works with the latest Exchange servers. We can't recommend it as enthusiastically for individual consumers, because it isn't quite as easy to use as the Treo 650 and doesn't take advantage of all the power the Windows Mobile platform has to offer. The Treo 700w is a slightly uncomfortable compromise, but one you can accept cheerfully if your IT department chooses it for you"
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    Did this PC Mag review compare to other devices as well, or just Treos? (Thanks for the feedback)
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    I'd really wouldn't take 'reviews' of different treos worth more than a grain of salt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by driven01
    Did this PC Mag review compare to other devices as well, or just Treos? (Thanks for the feedback)
    I just did a search on "Treo" and came up with those reviews. Sascha Segan is their mobile heir site for articles by here and you will come up with a bunch.

    And there's the last age of the 700w review:

    "The Treo 700w vs. the Competition

    You can compare the Treo 700w against its predecessor, the 650, or against other Windows Mobile handhelds. The Palm OS used in the Treo 650 still requires fewer taps and clicks than Windows Mobile, uses less battery power in PDA mode, and feels zippier with the 312-MHz processor.

    Windows Mobile's strengths are in the integration with Microsoft workplaces and in high-end features like video playback, Wi-Fi/cellular convergence, high-res screens, powerful processors, and glamorous games. But the Treo 700w's 240-by-240 screen consigns videos to a cramped window (or to having their sides clipped off); there's no Wi-Fi (though EV-DO is nice); and the processor isn't all that fast.

    No perfect smartphone solution is available right now, in our eyes. For power, we'd recommend the Sprint PPC-6700 or its Verizon cousin. Both are smaller and lighter than the Treo and have Wi-Fi, a faster processor, and a bigger display than the Treo's, but they aren't quite as usable one-handed. For e-mail and phone use, we like the BlackBerry 7130e, which has a slim form, light weight, and excellent sound quality (though you'll have to be comfortable with its unusual keyboard). And if high-speed networking isn't important to you, well, the Treo 650 is still out there on store shelves.

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