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    I am with Rogers and quite frustrated at their plans, or lack of them. I was hoping for comments and feedback from forum members on the following. I find the network good, but their prices are killing me. I can barely use email and have to avoid using any kind of browsing.

    Who among Bell, Telus and Rogers provides the best service in terms of their network quality?
    Rogers is GSM with GPRS , the others are CDMA, is this going to be a huge difference for me if I do not travel a lot?

    Who among them has the best pricing and the best mixed plans for voice and data.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I assume you already have a T650 working on the Rogers GSM network. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $your$ $only$ $option$ ($given$ $your$ $current$ $phone$) $would$ $be$ $to$ $go$ $to$ $Fido$. $Here$'$s$ $the$ $rub$: $Fido$ $is$ $now$ $owned$ $by$ $Rogers$! $By$ $switching$ $to$ $Fido$, $you$ $gain$ $true$ $by$ $the$ $second$ $billing$, $but$ $the$ $Fido$ $plans$ $have$ $already$ $started$ $to$ $go$ $up$ $in$ $price$. $Fido$ $did$ $have$ $a$ $high$-$speed$ $network$ $up$ $and$ $running$ $before$ $Rogers$ ($in$ $Montreal$ $at$ $least$).

    Bell and Telus are CDMA networks and I don't think a GSM phone can operate on their networks, even if you remove the SIM card. The Treo models sold by Bell and Telus are physically different in appearance to the Rogers phone.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful...

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