Loving the 650, but I have a few questions that I have not been able to answer for myself.

1) versamail alert after wireless sync: Can I turn off the alert? It's making me mental that I get an alert with every spam that arrives. I can't even finger out how to CHANGE the alert. Help? Let's assume that I don't want any ringer software for starters - this has GOT to be possible out of the box, but if MRING does this, I am liking MRING, and would buy it.

2) Bluetooth headset: Is there a way to make the bluetooth handling smarter?
Sometimes I take off the headset and leave it on in my pocket, but since it's still in the area, T650 will activate it for an incoming call even if I answer the call from the phone itself. Seems to me that if I answer the PHONE I want to talk to the PHONE, and if I answer the headset... Well you get the idea.

3) Missed calls and voicemail. Can I turn off the flippin' checklist that appears when I miss a call or have new voicemail? Hate that thing.

Thanks for the help! Treo users RULE.

Ron Grandia