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    I recently got a Treo 650 (late adopter) and I think it is one of the best devices ever made.

    I am, however, a little miffed about how little software comes with it. Many of these features I consider essential especially since it is still primarily a cell phone.

    Here is a summary I put together as FYI and possibly input to PalmSource, Palm and/or cell carrier. I tried to do columns but they didn't turn out.

    Feature|| Samsung VGA1000|| Treo 650|| Windows Mobile

    Flashing indication of message or VM|| Incl|| Butler $14.99|| ???

    VoiceDial|| Incl|| $24.95||???

    Voice Memo||Incl||Personal Audio Recorder $14.95||Incl

    Decent MP3 Player (included Real Player too basic)|| n/a || PocketPlayer Basic $14.95||Incl

    WMA Player (better sound@lower bit rate = more songs on card)||N/A||Pocket Player Deluxe $34.95||Incl

    Movie Player||N/A||TCPMP Shareware ||Incl

    Few simple games||monthly fee||$10-$15 ea||Incl

    Stereo headset||N/A||$10-$30||Incl
    Totals ||$0 || $100-$150 || $0

    I feel some of these are needed. Especially for phone features like flashing indication and VoiceDial. Why there is no flashing message or voice mail indication as standard is beyond me. I have missed many text message and voice mails for hours because there is no built in LED indication of messages.

    Butler does work very well and has serveral other functions that could be considered helpful. But the main reason I have it is the LED message indicator and nag functions.
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    cool - you take take one of th ebest devices (your words) and make it Perfect !

    sounds like win - win.
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    Some corrections....

    Flashing notification. There is freeware that flashes the led...try a search. Also, there is an onscreen for snowflake. Audile nag should have been included, however.

    Voicedial? Blame the carriers....Sprint, for example, wants to charge you $5/month for that service. And, though I don't even use it, I have seen a less expensive voice dial software....again, search.

    Voice memo is a "nice to have", but not required, IMO. There is a free one call soundrec that I had on my 600, but hardly ever used. Not sure if it works on the 650. Search....

    Real player is included with my Treo 650. Ptunes is far superior, however. Why does a cell phone NEED to come with an MP3 player? That's a bit of a stretch.

    WMA plater? It's a cell phone. If you want a music player, get an iPod. Or, pay for the software to add to your Treo. I see no issue with this.

    Movie player? See my last response.

    Actually, mine DID come with a couple of simple of which is ZAP, which is very good. Also, there are hundreds of free games available online. Any decent games will cost a few dollars, but if you want them, it should be worth it.

    Stereo headset....again, it's not an iPod, its a cell phone. Even if they did include one, it would be as crappy as the hands-free headset they did include, so I'd buy a better one anyway.

    Seeing as you are a late adopter, i'm guessing your investment for the Treo itself is in the $200 range. Seems like a pretty good bargain to me. Ask all the folks who paid upwards of $500 a year ago....
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    Hmm, ok, the Treo doesn't do some things your other phone does. OTOH, I don't think your other phone has a full PIM, a browser that can render most sites (not just WAP), or run any of the thousands of Palm apps available at very low cost (or free, in many cases.)

    Can you run Directory Assistant on your Samsung? Or an Expense app, a shopping list manager, or an encrypted password database? Can you access your desktop computer and view and interact with desktop programs? Can you check the in-air and on-time status of airline flights? Do you have a QWERTY keyboard to type emails or interact with web sites?

    I went to a movie a while back, and when I came out I was handed a card with a URL for a survey about movies. The first 500 people who completed the survey got a pair of free movie passes. I took the survey on my Treo, right away, to make sure I was one of the 500. Think you could do that on your Samsung?

    I'd say it's a worthwhile tradeoff.
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    You dismiss RealPlayer as too basic. Well, for a lot of people it's good enough. And it's free and included. And as pabo alluded, the great thing about the Palm OS (and WM) phones is that you *can* expand them with 3rd party software.

    I agree about it being frustrating that voice dial is a common feature on so many phones but not included on the Treo.

    As Jo said, you can get SoundRec for free for recording voice memos.

    Regarding WMA, I think PocketTunes Deluxe will play those, no? I have no desire for that, myself, as I prefer to keep all my songs in the industry-standard MP3 format, even if they take up a bit more space. That way if a better smartphone comes out tomorrow, I can be confident that I can just move my library of songs over to it.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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