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    Before I go on, let me remind you that most of the handset makers classify their GSM and CDMA version of the same phone as two models. Motorola Razr v3 and Razr v3c, for example.

    1 Treo 700w (out)

    2 Treo 705w (GSM version of 700w with GPRS/edge/UMTS/HSDPA)

    3 Treo Zire C (PalmOS 5.8? 160X160 miniSD CDMA phone with EVDO)

    4 Treo Zire G, same spec as above but with GPRS/edge/UMTS/HSDPA.

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    I posted this elsewhere a while back

    1. 700w
    2. Hollywood will made by HTC for CDMA2k networks
    3. Another company will make Lowrider for unknown networks
    4. HTC will make a WCDMA handset that doesn't have a name yet, maybe for WCDMA at UMTS only
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    The "3 other Treo" models Palm is referring to will probably be the following:

    • "Treo 700p" - Palmos version of 700w. However unknown what launch date or support of 3G radio (1xEvDo, UMTS). GSM/UMTS version probably won't (if ever?) be reelased until late 2006 imo.
    • "Hollywood" - supposed to be a stylish and antenna-less Treo version targeted for European market. Unkwn what radio...
    • "Lowrider" - supposedly a low end Treo with only legacy radio support (1xrtt, gprs)
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    One of the quotes from Palm referred to different form factors, so I'm really hoping something like the mockup linked to in my signature will be among them. Other guesses would be a design with a standard numeric keypad. Another idea (which I personally don't like) is a slider where the thumbboard or keypad is behind the screen and it opens the long way (a la Samsung's WM2003SE smartphone - I forget the model #).
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    I'll play your silly game.

    1. Model A. This one will have some stuff we want, but lack stuff we need.
    2. Model B. This one will have some stuff we need, but lack stuff we want.
    3. Model F*U. This one will have everything we ever dreamed of, across the board, for all Treo users. Every single one of us will drool and squeal and celebrate with glee. Unfortunately, no matter who you are, it will never be released on the carrier you want.
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    Heres what I predict they will make:

    1) A Palm OS phone -- the 651p, which will have 32MB of RAM, EVDO and the ability to use the WiFi SD card made by Palm.

    2) A low profile, sleeker, Palm OS phone, the 325.5p, which will have 16MB of RAM, EVDO and the ability to use the WiFi SD card made by Palm.

    3) A low profile, sleeker, Palm WM phone, the 350w, which will have 32MB of RAM, 128 ROM, EVDO and the ability to use the WiFi SD card made by Palm.

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