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    One night I put my 650 in the charger and in the morning it was dead. Wont power up. Tried to put in a battery that was known to be fully charged, reset, tried hard reset. It just wont power up. Sprint said it is out of warranty and they do not have any way to repair it.
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    I seem to remember this issue in an old thread. Not promising it had a "happy" ending, but I am going to go look. Can't find anything immediately, however, I seem to remember someone writing that they left it alone with the battery out for one or two days and then tried again and it powered up. . . .

    Have you spoken with Palm? How long have you had it?

    (Next time pay the $5 a month for the insurance.)

    Worst case, I seem to remember a $179 repair option at Palm.

    Hope something works out for you.
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    Try doing a hotsync. A couple of times mine wouldn't power on and I hooked up the sync cable and hit hotsync and it turns on.
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    I went out and got a 700w, but just for the heck of it put the battery back in the 650 and presto it turned on. I used it for two days, and returned the 700w this afternoon. Tonight the darn 650 is dead again. I can't figure this thing out.
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    Okay, take the battery out again. Wait two days. If it powers up again, do a hard reset and do NOT hot sync. Run for a couple of days this way. If it stops working -- then you got a hardware problem. If it stays working -- you may have some sort of software corruption that is causing the problem. Then we can try a clean install and see if we can fix the little critter:

    Hard Reset your 650, creating a "just out of the box" 650 (unless it is just out of box)
    Rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold
    (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold)
    (The backup folder houses the 3rd party software you have installed in case a back up from a hard reset is necessary -- renaming the folder takes it out of the loop.)
    Hot Sync the 650 to your userid.
    You should have a clean Treo 650 with only your PIM data brought back.
    (PIM = appointments, memos, tasks, contacts)

    Now run this way for two days.

    Now install your desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 650 -- NOT from a backup! (Also, get the newest version, while you are at it.)
    When you Hot Sync again, a new backup folder is created, with the freshly installed 3rd party software backed up the way the 650 likes it.)

    This may work -- it beats having a paper weight!!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Next thought: Do the 650's have some sort of internal circuit breaker to keep them from getting "fried" by a malfunctioning charger and it "resets" after one or two days with no power?

    If so, I am wondering if your charger has gone bad?

    Just in case -- use your car charger for awhile.
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    Dammit, Perry.... you DESERVE the first 700p that rolls off the assembly line. I'm starting to believe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael
    Dammit, Perry.... you DESERVE the first 700p that rolls off the assembly line. I'm starting to believe!
    Hey Micael !!

    Thanks. (At this point, I would take any crumb of an announcement, Silly Season has been way too long, this year!)

    Cheers, Perry
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    perry you lived through this before first when all the rumors started with the 180 release and the long wait then the rumors with the 270 and the long wait then the 600 and the 650 now we go through it all over again.Think palm loves to torment us

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    Hi Fred!

    I understand !!

    However, my pain and torment was thru the PDA side! Check out my signature line. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

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