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    I was thinking, how would airplane staff know if you are using your smartphone to connect to the internet over Bluetooth DUN if you are using your laptop?

    I mean can't you start the bluetooth connection, stuff your treo in your bag and enjoy internet on your computer while inflight?

    Does anyone want to fess up to doing it?

    I always wondered if people talked or used SMS in the bathroom or inflight with regular phones too.

    I've never used my phone but I've plenty of times carried a phone onboard and didn't turn it off. Does the phone go into a silent receiving only mode or is it always transmitting something? I noticed that my car radio gets funky when the phone rings and it is near the radio.
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    Yea, I think the plane would blow up in flames and you all would die...

    Thats an interesting question. I wonder how much of that rule is just paranoid nonsense. I doesnt scare me one bit to use my cell phone while pumping gas in spite of the warning labels (much thanks to the mythbusters on that one) I am curious too. They could be able to find you due to your bluetooth if your discovery was on, but otherwise maybe there's safty in paranoya. I would turn it off then the O2 masks drop and the plane starts to drop.
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    I am pretty sure at high altitudes the cell service is not going to reach the plane and you would be passing from cell to cell every couple seconds if it did so I can't see this even being a possibility.
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    Commercial flights fly too high to reliably connect for voice or data. I've tested it on many occasions

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