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    palm is installed on my laptop and it was fine. at work, i installed palm as admin, when i synched, both ended with only a few morsels of my data left. back at home, i synched with the laptop, checking "synchroniztion" not one or the otehr overwriting. so the handheld overwrote the laptop.
    this is a pretty bad situation; if i hadnt already lost most everything in katrina i would have felt much worse.
    but i still have hope that i can recover, but have found precious little about restoring.
    found C:/backup folder on the laptop, with many files with .pdb and .prc extensions. a few of them are large enough that maybe they hold data.

    complicating the issue i find that on the laptop, i previously had sony clie handheld, palmOS, and there are backup files there.

    there are more details. i hope someone will respond of course. thanks.
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    Data files are usually have pdb extensions. Prc extension indicates programs.

    Do you back up your laptop ? If so use your laptop's backup program to restore the palm\[your user name] folder.
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    how do i synch correctly? dont know what i did wrong. tia
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    The way most "synching" works is that the newer file always replaces the older file. So if you do a synch with ya laptop at noon and then screw up ya plam at 2 pm....last thing you want is your 2 pm screwed up stuff overwriting your 12 noon good stuff. So in that case I'd set the conduits such thyat the noon "set" overwrites the 2 pm stuff.
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    but the check box alternatives lead one to believe that the most current records from either place will be used; and in the past i found that was indeed the case. i mean i dont want to do trhis wrong again: say i enter a new contact on the laptop PalmOS desktop, and another on the handheld. wouldnt sync combine both?

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