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    Is there an option that sets incoming e-mails at vibrate and leaves all other functions as audible sounds?

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    I am assuming you are talking about the Treo650. If so you can't do that with VersaMail. With Chatter you can, I believe you can with Snapper as well.
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    True - VersaMail doesn't let you set the Vibrate option, just the sound. Have you tried Prefs->Sounds and Alerts->Messaging? It seems that if you set Alert Volume to Off and left Vibrate set to On it might work. Downside may be that the same settings get used for SMS.

    Another option would be to use Butler (if you have it) to trap the alert but I think then all non-SMS or Voicemail alerts would vibrate.

    Finally, I know you could do this with ProfileCare since it lets you set what you want for each type of alert (sms, mms, voicemail, phone, etc). Just not sure if you are willing to spend money for another app.
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    Thanks for your help. Since this is a work phone I will have them purchase the ProfileCare software. It was getting very annoying to hear beeps every couple of minutes.


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