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    The service providers may not like this but, why doesn't some developer out there create an app that will let callers leave voice mail. it burns minutes but, so does calling into voicemail.
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    You mean your phone would record the message. A phone and answering machine in one...... Thats an awesome idea.... but I bet the current hardware wouldnt support it.

    P.S. It burns minutes to check your voice mail? I didnt know that.

    The rest of my post does not directly pertain to your post, only read if your bored

    My wife pointed out to me the other day......

    I call her and leave her a voicemail. She calls me and says Hi, whats up? After 4 years of this I finally ask "didnt you listen to the voicemail?" She says "no that would usually take 2 calls instead of one because half the time I have to call you back."

    So to save herself time she never listens to voice mail. Now follow me...she never waists time since she is always just making one call but it burns an average of 50% more of my time by calling me back. This is my fault because if I just need her to call me back I should choose option 2 (is that option universal?). I guess since she has a 650 and I have a 6700 we should just send email I wish everyone would be more conciderate.

    If they have a pda with unlimited data or are by a PC I wish people would just use email or text messages. It drives me nuts when somone leaves a message and says call me back at 913-657-erghg........ What,,,,What,,, (I have to listen to the message 4 times to make out the dam number Its real friggen easy to choose option 2 and key in the call back number!!!!

    Although I do love to listen to the sound of my wifes voice
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    There are a few third party apps out and about (can't think of any names atm) that will do this. Pretty nifty little feature. And as far as calling voicemail and burning minutes, there are ways around that depending on your provider. I'm on T-Mobile, and I have unlimited TMO2TMO. With TMO, there's a vm number, and you can also call your own number to get to vm. I changed my phone's vm number to MY number, that way when I "call voicemail", I'm just making another "TMO2TMO call", ie, no used minutes.

    And yes, for some of those "quickies" moments, I much prefer SMS, email, IM (in that order) over a phone call...
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    Im shocked that that is possible. I would have thought the voice reorder could not play a greeting threw the mic for the caller to hear.....
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    With family members, we have gone to sms most of the time unless we absolutely need to talk. Same with most of our friends. Sms is so much more effecient on time.

    Also, when I available and my wife's at work, I sms and ask her to call. and vice versa.
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    bananachunks - thanks for pointing out about the VM thing. I used to have the old Cingular on the TDMA network and I remember I dialed my own number for VM. I've had the Cingular GSM for 2 years and I never bothered to check (since it was programmed in the SIM) the VM number is different. Now I access my VM by calling my own number using the unlimited M2M instead of regular minutes. Thanks!
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    How about voicemail being pushed to the phone to be played/stored locally!
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    Of course,,,, thats perfect,,,,, someone tell the carriers about this,,,,,, wait,,,,,,, would that be a really big file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tem
    Of course,,,, thats perfect,,,,, someone tell the carriers about this,,,,,, wait,,,,,,, would that be a really big file?
    potentially could be. im sure it could be compressed locally with the right app.
    may sound like an amateur radio station but you'd get the message.

    I HATE WHEN PEOPLE LEAVE ME VM'S just asking me to call them back.
    So on my greeting i changed the VERY first sentence to "Press the number2 to leave a numeric page" I recently had to actually call somebody back and really jump down their throat about leaving vm's. I have Sprint and they DO charge for checking your vm. I have the workarounds to get to it free but why should i have to type the extra digits in.
    "I have to return some videotapes."

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